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Mr. Sancho - Sureno Thugs lyrics

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Sureno Thugs by Mr. Sancho

(feat. Califa Thugs)
[Chorus 1 and 2 said same time]
[Chours 1: OFI]
steady steppin like full sureno thug
grey and blue
[Chours 2: sancho and Manic]
Califa Thugs
Thugged out bald head
We the baddest motherf**kers
And we stay ahead
Ain't nobody never ever gonna take my name
Cause if you then you die, thats the way
Enemies will never last put your glocks a way
i'm the baddest muthaf**ka from around the way
I get a little dizzy when I smoke a J
f**k a b**ch and a hoe like every day
the magical thug, califa thug
silencer is smoking the bud
I put the nine to the eye
just to show there is no love
and to any mothef**ka trying to take me out
makin money every day
thats what I'm all about
silencer on a mission
amunition no compettion
drop a verseto the song with a gangsta rhymes
mothaf**ka talk sh*t like every time
pull to the side on the gangsta rhymes
time for me to go to a little homicide
enemies are going to get paralyzed
everyone is ganna e hypnotized
silencer is the one one that terrorized
when you see come around you better step a side
f**kin b**ches every day I'm at the studio
I carry my dagger
somebodies becomin a cadver
I got the money to travel
nobody's ready to battle
silencer comin at you
silencer is ganna snatch you
and pass the marijuana let me take another hit
cause here I come to blast you
flippin like a mothaf**ka puttin down
blazin like a mothaf**ka smoking a pound
if only motherf**kers could see me now
lace up in the cut with thugs bumpin loud (califa thugs)
I see other fools we know
that kind of sh*t dont make me none
OG from the hood south of
southern clique for the playas and thugs (califa thugs)
you want to rumble with us
life ain't nothin but a jungle to us
pass the bud
thats on the real dont be f**kin with us (califa thugs)
a lot of muthaf**kas say my beats are too slow
smoke to much indo, sound like a negro
spit the sh*t the best west
see fit eat dick all sont know sh*t
watching me as I make a beat uuuhh
best leave cause I'm off the heat
south side for those who dont know
south bay palm avenue fo sho
SD 1-3's for my G's on the streets
sureno thug flipin on the beat
like that dont you kind of sound good
making you wanna bounce homie that would
dont hate go ahead speak on it
bumpin that cut thats me on it
[Mr. Sancho]
poppin that timmy
trip with this puto
we headin out through the doot
pop pop to the glock
warch all of them putos deop to the floor
we headin to the club lookin for some bloods
cause we smokin the bud under the law
mothef**ka never trip when I rack up the clip
cause I'm spittin my lyrics rough and raw
livin in the middle of a sin
mothaf**ka never grin
when I'm comin with the mack 10
praw praw till your body drop
holes on both sides bustin on a cup a gin
nobody never wins when you're little rapp in
seein how I sin could of locked me in the pen
or imagen I'm dead cause I took one in the head
with the infered to my forhead now we flead
bodies now lifeless never felt like this
flash backs of my life
showin how I acted childish
[chorus 1 and 2]

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