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Mr. Children - What The Streets Created lyrics

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What The Streets Created by Mr. Children

Look at what the streets created a murder ass mind life style of crime for he serves his life on the line, look at what the streets created catch me rolling in a g ride enemies trip exit the ride and let the bullets fly, it's what the streets created exposed at a early age graduated elementary took a pistol in a lage, it's what the streets create, create haha it's what the streets create, create straight ride
Take a little trip into the mind of a criminal daily thinkin' plots and stackin zero's with them decimals early out of lessons my presence were filled with killers and crooks capilas and drug dillas putting money on books the real homies doing time sent away up state riding for me and take until the day they see the gate and hit parol oh so ewald is a code hit em with a southside stroll now you know nothing but gangsta shit when I ride and I dip blue rag around the pistol grip a ride for my click and they about me mr.criminal's crazy as hell a tiny wino rider from the west double s-l located in the 213 to be exact silver and black I had to put the lakers on the map often immitaded but we're never duplicated mr.criminal organized crime I'm what the streets created.
Verse 2:
It's what the streets created see my eyes I'm fucken faded and I know the haters hate it jelous cause a rider made it in the gang control formaly known as the crash got a apb plus a warrant for my ass for some bullshit crime that was commited in the past and if they knew what I did just today they'd probably laugh better chance in parol in the next twenty years send me far away to a lockdown for selling it with my peers letting time past substituting bruno for the beer and my name and my word is all I got while I'm in here so when I'm riding to the fullest trust no man show no fear when I crime shitting bulllets trading ammo for the tear so when this song is on put me auto maticts for the drama bodies out line of chart while I be puffin marijuana all I know is the streets know what the way to demonstrate it mr.criminal homie I'm what the fucken streets created
Verse 3:
Look at what the streets created silence in your heart never knew the devistation was about to inbark time to the vibe as the click at a early age fuck jail rather go out in a burning blaze time to disaster and torture up in the silence streets they couldn't compete this mother fucker they had to be the seeds when your here in no wind a storm cold and crazy the name silence sparks up like a new born baby and that's the way the game was taught up in his evil eyes when you look directly at 'em you'll be masmorised with the thrills and chills that blowin up your spine with the deadly mack 11 sound his soul's mine with the prence and posence ever since birth they never knew a deamon's life was approching earth created in the 80's ever since real drama and you know it's more devastating than osama.
[chorus] (2)

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