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Mr. Children - I Will Always Ride lyrics

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I Will Always Ride by Mr. Children

I'll... I'll always ride with youuu*
I'll always ride with youuu
Back in the days
She used to hold me down
One time used to move fast she tried to slow me down
She used to call me write letters when I fall
Send me pics when I was locked behind the bars
She used to be the girl I called on
Always had my back no matter if I was right or wrong
She always help me keep my head up
Always kept me motivated toke a while
To keep my bread up
Now that's a rider girl to me
Taking trips late night come & ride with a G
I'll take you places you ain't never been
Sunsetting window down head flowing through the wind
Come here you looking soo delicous
I wanna take a bite of you
Can I get some candy kisses
You can be Criminal missys
Late night with the Criminal just changing positions
Come & roll with me tonight I'll keep you by my side
I love a girl like you
A girl that is down to ride
? day Bonnie & Clyde in 2008 we going to keep alive
I ride you ride so together we ride
Put it down to the day that we die we lie haha
It's just gangster love ride with a G
I'll show you how a gangster does
I will always ride with you
I will live & die for you
If you feel the same way to
Then I will always ride for you
It still on & cracking since back in the days
I love the way you handle your business
Girls your feminine ways
I like the way your body reflects all off the candle lights
Call the Criminal freaky but shit I gotta handle right
Let's handle something later on tonight
Girls let's get freaky only if you ask I might bite
It's not my fault baby girl you are just soo attrative
Got me feanin like? nasty like Ms. Jackson
After these let's go relaxing kick back on the beach
Watch some waves crushing
Sunsetting off the west
Perfect timing just for me & you to keep this connection
Come & ride with me let's hit the streets & cruise
Let's bumb some slow jams let's play slow grooves
See I'm a grown man making grown moves
Still keep myself with a plan so I won't lose
And I will like for you to be part of it
I know it was right girl since the start of it
It's more then one? meets the eye
It's the realist that I feel baby girl
Are you down to ride
And If some drama hit the fam will you be down to lie
I promise I will do? but I won't make you cry
Come ride with a G girl
Take you by the hand show you why you will never leave girl
I will always ride with you
I will live & die for you
If you feel the same way to
Then I will always ride for you
I will always ride with youuu
I will always ride with youuu
Mr. Criminal

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