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Mr. Children - Dedicated To You lyrics

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Dedicated To You by Mr. Children

I dedicate this song to you girl, yea
Cus I wanna spend my life with you girl
Your the one for me
Your the one
(this song is dedicated to you)
Now baby girl this song right here is dedicated to you for all the times of
Keepin it true I gotta bring it to you. And I would walk a thousand miles
Just to see those lips smile and I mean it baby your really just driving me
Wild. Let's hit the streets Sunday night in my 63 impala. Me and my lady
On my side. Homie picture me ballin. And I love to hit the scene with my
Beautiful brown queen, bumpin Al Green life is such a beautiful thing. And
I wanna go some places with you, spend a little time, share some thoughts,
Make a little love, ease what's on your mind. Don't even trip baby girl. Me
And you lets get away and let the radio play there's dedications to be played
No doubt about that I'm the one for you and your the one for me. Just like
The homie Capone-e, come on and take a chance on me. I wanna show you
Some things and make you feel a little special. Run my fingers through your
Hair left to caress you and undress you. I'll never stress you lady. Maybe
We could go and get away. Just me and my baby girl. Lovers till our dying
Day and hey, dedication to my lady and it's crazy when I'm out doin my
Thing I'm just missin my babe (I miss you). The one and only girl that ever
Had a place in my heart. You took a chance on this criminal game. Me and
You to start. Always on my mind. Girl I can't resist the temptation. This is
Straight from the heart. Baby girl this dedication.
And this is something that I really wanted you to understand, Fingazz tell
Her (I'm glad to be your man). And on the real this is something that I
Mean. Your personality sparkles, it's like that diamond on your ring. And I
Don't have to look around for the lady of my dreams. Right here by my side
Is my beautiful brown queen and we gon ride till the day that we die and
Cutie pie your the reason why that a G like me has gotta keep you by my
Side. Straight Sunday night cruisin in my Chevy Lowride.
Baby can't you see, shooby doowop
Your the one for me, shooby doo wopop
When they play our song
We make love, oooh
All night long

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