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Moxy Früvous - Organ Grinder (Hidden Track) lyrics

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Organ Grinder (Hidden Track) by Moxy Früvous

There's a guy down at Queen & Bay (Hey Organ Grinder!)
Almost see him there every day (Hey Organ Grinder!)
And there's so much he can say (Hey Organ Grinder!)
And there's so much he can play (Hey Organ Grinder!)
No motor car, no home, no wife
But that don't mean he ain't got a life
Hey Organ Grinder!
He'll grind his way into young girl's hearts (Hey Organ Grinder!)
He'll grind so bad they're mince meat tarts (Hey Organ Grinder!)
He's very wise, he's very old (Hey Organ Grinder!)
He does his thing when it's very cold (Hey Organ Grinder!)
He hears them shouting again and again
Get that monkey on a big, big chain
Hey Organ Grinder!
Organ Grinder sent to jail (Hey Organ Grinder!)
He gets bags and bags of mail (Hey Organ Grinder!)
People from the world outside (Hey Organ Grinder!)
Just him and little Reece's by his side (Hey Organ Grinder!)
No music on the street today
Incarcerated, not OK!
Hey Organ Grinder!
Country music has it's charm (Hey Organ Grinder!)
Pretty eyes and fire alarms (Hey Organ Grinder!)
When Organ Grinder had a smoke (Hey Organ Grinder!)
Little Reece's fast awoke (Hey Organ Grinder!)
They burnt the whole place to the ground
Along with that new country sound
Hey Organ Grinder!
Organ Grinder at the door (Hey Organ Grinder!)
Won't say what he's looking for (Hey Organ Grinder!)
Sent his monkey round the back (Hey Organ Grinder!)
Gave my wife a heart attack (Hey Organ Grinder!)
Took her away and left me behind
It's not my organs he wants to grind!
Hey Organ Grinder!

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