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Moxy Früvous - Ash Hash lyrics

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Ash Hash by Moxy Früvous

Now, if all that ash used to be hash
What the heck time is it now?
Last thing I remember I was looking at my stash
Just before the late late show
Then we threw a couple movies in the VCR
And I remember driving Buddy home in the car
Well, we got not gas so we couldn't have got far...
What the heck time is it now?
Oh, my weary and aching head
You know, I gotta get some thinking done
I can't remember where I put the bed...
I ain't moved it since '71
I got a real funny feeling I'm about to fall down
I hope I find my way to the ground
I hate to spend the whole night floating around
In the condition I'm in.
First thing in the morning I'm giving myself a break
You kind of get an early warning when you're fingernails and eyelids ache
Well, it might be closer to the afternoon
But the big point is, I'm gonna do it soon
There ain't nothing underneath this moon
Will ever make me toke another take!
...But what's that on the table?
Why, it looks like a little chunk
I bet old Petey dropped that there
He always was a drunk
Well, it looks so good just sitting there
I believe what I need is a bite of the hair
Doggone stuff is like a breath of fresh air
Think I'm gonna sell the farm (and buy more)
Think I'm gonna sell the farm (find the door)
Think I'm gonna sell the farm.
From the Liner:
With ultimate deference and respect to Mr. Snider, we've appropriated and adopted
this song since first performing our version at a tribute to him in '94. It has
recently been suggested that we cunningly utilize the live performance of the piece
to regularly "score some boo". That hadn't occured to us.
(Published by
peermusic Canada Inc./Chatterbox Music).

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