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Motives - Timeless lyrics

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Timeless by Motives

One thing is certain
One thing's for sure- that I never want to lose this feeling
I lost my place but I'm coming back again
Animate inanimate, step from your place in line.
And we'll be envied by the dead
The world will come at us with eyes sealed shut
They've fired guns by their ears
Now they can't even hear
So pay no mind
We find joy in the little things
We cherish everyday
And we laugh till it hurts
I opened the door to a room filled with broken clocks
The second hands stood still
Some have tried to fix them but I think they're beautiful in the state they're in
This perfect depiction of youth
Forever inscribed
Take me back.
Naive and innocent
I'll learn to walk again
This is something I won't let slip away
They'll bury us in paper caskets
We will make our escape
And we'll be envied by the dead

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