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Mostly Autumn - Glass Shadows lyrics

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Glass Shadows by Mostly Autumn

Half the night I drove alone
Catching sillhouettes in headlights
Then came
I parked beneath a chalk white horse
Above the treeline, the city glowed
And the candles moved in time
With the moon as she died
And the Earth span round so neat
The blood ran
The faries tell
Just a on the grass
The echo of a shadow forms
The taste of autumn past
We walked the misty lanturn light
The gobbles and cold
I caught a glimpse of yesteryear
From the house, I knew before
The crashing seas of thunder
Catch the moonlight in their rage
The haunted winds that give that scream
Across the alley, town
I swear I saw the black armadas
Tearing in toward the land
A thousand wordless voices echo
Carried on the heavy wind
No, just a little more time
To stay a little longer
I walked the empty
Cracked and overgrown
We used to scout for UFOs
Our backs against the stone
The eerie drone of foreign bombers
Black against the mantle clouds
The and shards of gold
Bust across the bluebell wood
I never saw a brighter star
Reflected in the spectre's face
We ran so fast we didn't breathe
And never dared go back again
No, just a little more time
To say goodbye
We're so tired when we're beautiful
Reaching out to the unknown
Until our shadows freeze so cold
They crack
And all the dreams we didn't breathe
Our spirit's screaming out to me
The way you held my hand for days
We moved so close, begins to fade
Lost in time
The glass was always full you know
The first kiss lingers with me still
To never see her face again
To never walk with her again
We hardly shared the life we were
The second hand that cuts the faith
There's no one left to answer 'hi'
We seek, we wait, we love, we die

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