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Mordred - Sever And Splice lyrics

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Sever And Splice by Mordred

Twisted dreams of tortured screams victims chained to die
A darkened cell of living hell with none to hear the cry
Perverted minds the most maligned plot your night of doom
The sullen earth of death or birth becomes your vile tomb
Sever and Splice
Hatchet and knife
Torture and lust
Taking your life
Axe to head a mortal's dead as screams tear through the night
The searing pain of severed veins to bone the blade shall bite
Lust and hate desecrate fulfill your ghastly needs
Rape and maul your bones to haul disguise your evil deeds
Get away flee today bodies have been found
Rotting flesh horrid death bones beneath the ground
Deathly reek lawmen seek corpses of deceased
Twist and turn writhe and burn none will be released
One dies by suicide - Took life by cyanide
One fled to foreign land - free now to kill again
Lurk stalk with evil eye - Hack slash to take your life
Bent mind - A deadly rape
Run hide - He has escaped

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