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Moonlight Agony - Vertigo lyrics

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Vertigo by Moonlight Agony

So desperate to find another way to hold
In all your weak pursuits, you lose all that you chose
The doubts in my mind I never could find
They're all I can see here
If fate can't exist, then I can't resist
The doorway to new fears
I am so alive
(suffice to say)
I will sacrifice my hopes away
Another time and place, much like it was before
I've chosen to delay, I've chosen to ignore
If everyone knew, then no one would try
It's all complicated..
If nothing is found, will no one believe
The path we're betraying?
I am so alive,
I will sacrifice my heart away
So many ways to go, I wish I didn't know
So many ways to go from here ...
The pressure's closing in,
And soon I must begin
So many ways to go from here
Is this how it feels, is this how it is
To know what you're saying...?
If nothing is found, will you turn around
And wish that you waited?
Was all this a lie,
Have I sacrificed my life away?
All I ever try,
Can't help wonder why it's still the same

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