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Montell Jordan - Never Alone lyrics

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Never Alone by Montell Jordan

1 - Never alone
Use your heart as a telephone
Never alone
You know Montell won't do you wrong
I asked your woman why she's crying
She told me she was lonely
She thought you were the perfect guy
But you could never love her only
Don't get me wrong, I'm not the one
Breaking up a happy home
It's the loney man who understands
She don't wanna be alone
Repeat 1
So I ask her if you treat her right
She don't deny that your love is tight
But sometimes she only needs a friend
When she calls on me quarter after three
Holding pillows to the phone
It's her lonely heart that you're tearing apart
You don't even have a clue
2 - You don't have to be alone, baby
Anytime you cry, day or night
You'll never be alone
Use your heart as a telephone, baby
It's not too late, cuz this must die
Before you run to me
Repeat 1
Repeat 2
Repeat 1 while:
Whoa, world don't need
Another broken heart
If you leave her all alone
I'll do what I gotta do
And when we're together we'll be saying
Here's a toast to that fool
The woman's lonely
She's reaching out
(Pick up the phone baby, honey)
Needs to talk to
(Where are you, pick it up baby, baby)
Someone who's willing to listen
Is it you?
Will you be there?Montell Jordan Lyrics Index

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