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Monster Squad - A Nightmare To Consume lyrics

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A Nightmare To Consume by Monster Squad

Imagine sleeping in your bed
a deafening sound rattles your head
you sneak a look from your door
your mothers dead lying on the floor
soldiers gather around the corpse
brutally murdered with intensive force
doors smashed in soldiers take aim
your fathers life is taken the same
a thick blade carves through his throat
your hero’s gone along with hope
blood stains the walls and covers the floor
off they go in to the next door
thoughts quickly pass through your mind
your sisters five and she's next in line
you hear her screams then six shots
gargling blood covers her thoughts
waiting for death you cower and cry
knowing you are next to die
silence fills your shredded home
there you are left alone
running down to your sisters room
how much more can you consume
see her lay with six to the chest
hold her as she takes her last breath
“hush little baby and don't say a word
ill meet you in heaven to fly with the birds”
for those of you who just turn there back
this just happened in iraq
my nightmare still continues...

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