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Molotov Solution - End Game lyrics

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End Game by Molotov Solution

End justifies the means.
Machiavellian philosophy guides their mentality to maintain
Power no matter how many casualties it may cost in the end.
150 million killed by their governments last century.
History teaches us lessons they hope we will forget.
Hitler's inspiration came from American eugenicists and
Sterilization lawas passed in the U.S. The CIA protected Nazi
Scientist under Operation Paperclip.
Who are you to chose who lives and who dies?
Black men infected with syphilis under the Tuskegee Experiment.
Thousands of citizens injected with uranium in secret tests.
New York subways sprayed with
Biological agents to monitor the effects.
Extermination is nothing new to this nation.
Means to an end.
This police state control grid is just means to an end.
A twisted vision to reduce the population.
Populations would accept serfdom if it were packaged as saving the
Planet, and now elites tirelessly attempt to convince you overpopulation
Is a threat. And even if this were true who has the right to chose who
Lives and who dies? If you are that concerned with overpopulation
Contribute by taking your own life.
Commit suicide.

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