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Molotov Solution - Dark Alliance lyrics

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Dark Alliance by Molotov Solution

One of half a million locked us in a corporate-owned prison for a non-violent drug offense,
With plenty of time for refection while making shirts at 20 cents an hour
For the rest of his sentence.
How did his supplier know when the police raids would come?
Ricky Ross began to question. Questions that were answered when a journalist uncovered
Blandon's CIA connections.
Harassment and death threats grew common as this journalist's career came to an end, until
That day in December when he was found dead in his home, two bullet holes in his head.
But the hoax we exposed. They hoped we'd all just forget.
CIA imported the coke that sparked the crack epidemic.
A U.S. government scheme that needed funding to overthrow a Soviet-backed regime.
Contra weapons were paid for be importing cocaine into the United States.
And yet they continue to fill our prisons with citizens caught with their narcotics.
The answer to the question of why this war continues can be found in who benefits;
Alcohol, tobacco, big pharma and the prison-industrial complex.
So you and I will continue to be illegally searched.
All of our freedoms stripped away, with nothing else left to say but...
No, I do not consent to being searched.
I don't use your boss' products. So go fuck yourself.
We the people will not be pushed around and bullied any longer.
How did we allow the land of the free to become the home of the slaves?
How can the biggest prison population be found here in the United States?
Our own willfull ignorance contributed to the mess we are in today,
But now...
We the people will not be pushed around and bullied any longer.
As more truth emerges our numbers are only growing stronger.

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