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Mobb Deep - We Live This lyrics

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We Live This by Mobb Deep

Ready for war, Ready for anything
But Doing this for everything
Y'all niggers Know my pedegree
Fourty first side, blood run through my veins
Got everything in game
Like to stock and change
Got shorti in the hood on the ankle rockin my name
Words that I spit, Its my brain and pipe game
Call me your natural right ring
Qb's radaiclas, just doing his thing
Aiyo, niggas hate it
Even though they try to protray it
This money looking good,fuck it you can all hate it
Like I'm going to lose sleep,hold life,have beef
So you can say what you think about me
Yo you niggas like Nas and gun fight your dead roon
Pull out the nine and still got hooked on
Your no frill skim
And on skill team
Got you in a combma
Angel of your shoulder
Aiyo we live this eat,sleep, shit this (repeat 7X)
We live this,live this,this...
[Big Noyd]
Its alyways Going to be ganster with me
Nigga,with Tim's on my feet
Either sweats or denim jeans,brand new white tee
With my chain swinging

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