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Mobb Deep - Let's Pop lyrics

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Let's Pop by Mobb Deep

[Chorus 2x: Dog]
Niggaz in the club, get it poppin', why not?
Bag a little chick, spend a little, if she's hot
When you in the guts, be sure to hit the g-spot
From the back or the front, or the side, let's pop
Fly vibe, I take it, light skinned, I take it
Brown skin, I wake with, hand it up, and scrape it
Get it straight explicit, have a broad all naked
Eat up, head game, well perfected
Grail eater, hit the breaks, ma, swell the speed up
I made trick a little, but never bless no skeezers
Plus when I rip, I laminate my dick like Visa's
Quick to jump it off, on the beaches, the bleachers
And premiere features, moanin' sounds like creatures
Get up in your guts, have me screwin' up your features
I love them thick ones, that suck like leechers
Take it to the game, so we can fuck in the nose bleeders
Hemy on the rocks, grown women swallowin' cock
Made a nigga blast off on the fox
When I pop up one of fox shit, like Vicica Fox
Topless in the drop, straight, lettin' me rock
[Chorus 2x]
Girlfriend, slide with me
And I'mma show you how life should be
I'm a definite, them other cats is possibilities
It'll be evident, when she rock with me
Know you heard it all before, that nigga that claim he balls
In the club, with his car keys showing
A creep from behind, I know you tired of them
Wanna suck up on them thighs, say goodbye to ya friends
Yeah, your visions blurred, I'mma clear ya lens
Show you a whole new world, as I guide you in
Don't let nobody steer you wrong, you look fly in Timb's
A sneak fuck is the best, love your devilish grin
Ya man worry where the fuck you been?
You ain't a child, I don't see no rings, do ya thing
Baby girl, not to sound like their's hate in my blood
But you know the rules, ya bitch chose me, cuz
[Chorus 2x]
Whoadie, you got ass for days
I'm try'nna get between them legs, dub my way
Through that slimey hallway, your walls make me
Claustraphobic, I knock 'em down, aye!
Shorty you look like the type to say
Go easy on me, slow down, I can't take it
That's a cute little outfit, but I picture you naked
Sweatin' buckets, while I'm fuckin', like I hate it
Dancin' on me, that fatty girl, what's happening girl
I step to my business, and put my g. in early
Wait til them drinks and that weed we burnin'
Hit, and watch how I make my way to that pussy
It's a gangsta's ball, we havin' a blast
I got one ho in my front, and one on my back
I got another ho on my right, and one on my left
Dog got a bunch more, said he poppin' with that
[Chorus 2x]

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