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Miyavi - Bakana Hito (English) lyrics

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Bakana Hito (English) by Miyavi

You always only looked ahead.
As for me, I looked at you.
Did you think I'd say "Look at me"?
I liked looking at the side of your face.
(You looking at me was like when we had sex.)
Goodbye foolish person,
You always looked like a woman looking back over her shoulder during dates.
You always have someone important to you, but all I have is you.
Lonely, lonely, beloved.
(If I stabbed you and it got on the news, would I just be considered the mistress Jane Doe? )
Goodbye foolish person,
Thanks for the great LIE.
Sorry I couldn't pretend that I believed it up to the end
When you first called me by my first name,
I didn't respond right away but I was actually so thrilled I thought I could die.
(Though I thought I would kill you when you drunkedly called out another woman's name)
Goodbye foolish person,
I give a last kiss to your sleeping face, bye bye
'Cause I have to part with you till our dreams.
Even if I say these things now in ended love nothing in particular will become of it,
But at least a dress shall compliment you if you ever get a fiance Bye.

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