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Mister Peculiar - Letter To A Friend lyrics

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Letter To A Friend by Mister Peculiar

I won't toil no more to find some words
To catch and hurt this people daze
In my life I've got more serious things
Achieve my satisfaction and defeat my destiny
It's funny how some new friends turn to... uh uh
Know yourself more than what you do
Whilst other people you see since many years
Think about you as whom you fear to be
I find that I've lost the road to home
Eric once said that I'd died if I had kept going on for so long
Lost my pen and the right meaning of my pain
Leaving all the precious hints God gave me
Hush baby, stop complaining
(Smirking at the past)
Pleasant time which makes me smile
10.30 pm film, cheap ball you wish not to fly
Jumpsuit from home, 4 wheels roller skates
And I'm worried about the future, for my son's sake
Now I'm writing down these lines to you
Because my friend these days my feelings are so blue
And I'm identifying the problem's face
That for so long prevented me to run the races
But it's not your fault, so keep your shirt on
That said, I swear, you can stand tall
Our problems are triggered by a huge wall
I won’t blame no man I know
It's my fault if I can't rub elbows
With the people I find in my way
I go insane, this limit I think it's just a shame
Maybe I think I'm a loner but I'm not
Maybe I like that way and I want
To have something that makes me think I am
I think I neither have a myself
Everyone'd be different than someone else
Only if they don't want to be peer, and I've learnt
To care only for people they involve me
I am following the meaning of the words
Which are my sword, so let me crawl.

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