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Misteltein - Inquisition Of The Bleeding God lyrics

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Inquisition Of The Bleeding God by Misteltein

[Music & arrangements: Nirag / Words: Karagat]
A shapeless drawing sight
Drowned within the dying night
View so thick and yet so clear
No human since long lived here
A dagger of flaming ice
Has ripped through the silent skies
And the floor of glass was broken by angels cries
The window crushed behind the light
Dreamlike demons wake
From the sky blood like snowflakes fall
Fundaments of heaven shake
The roaring oceans once furious rose
Now has calmed into bloodseas
And thw winds have since ages silenced their screams
All lies still awaiting
A blinding light of fire raped the silence
Heaven fell aflame through the ground
Begun was the dawn of Satans reign
You were predicted to be slain
In domains by yourself condemned
You were to die by your own creation
That had died one thousand deaths before your birth
Behold your childrens blood paint the new world
A cold mist now drowns the world
New creations are summoned
Followers are Jehova are burning impaled
Antil their ashes are growing again
Only awaiting to burn
You are predicted to die

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