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Misteltein - Eye Of The Shadowden lyrics

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Eye Of The Shadowden by Misteltein

[Music: Nirag & Nagrinn / Lyrics: Karagat]
Streaming, they run on the naked skin
Forcing their way through, that which is untouchable
Staring from the ruins, eye of the shadowden
Infecting in every form, wanted seen unseen
So pale yet beautiful, a kiss of desired death
Crawls underneath pulsing, scars icons frozen
Choking all breathing, until nothing remains
They come in shapes of reflections in black
So cold in every aspect of humanity
Timeless unspeakable their venom flowing
Once encountered your eyes are dripping with poison
Infected, the mind is burned with fire
Frozen within the shadows, in the embrace of night
Abducted, that which was before all time
Ripped by the hands of the unkind, spirits of the shadowden
They lurk where unseen waiting with infinite calm
Their endless bloodthirst rising and pulsing eternal
Beyond all land behind the stars they're stalking
From the eye of the shadowden feel them watching
With demon eyes
Figures of unspeakable forms enchanting
Raging towards all that breaths beholding
Locked in time for all time feel them crawling
Lost in a world of hate hear them calling
Creatures of the realm, rise come forth
Accept what awaits, forged in fire
Speak thy words, and conquer all
Eye of the shadowden

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