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Mississippi Fred Mcdowell - Bull dog blues lyrics

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Bull dog blues by Mississippi Fred Mcdowell

Gon' buy me a bulldog
Watch me whiles I sleep
('Better get it!')
I said gon' me a bull
Bide me whiles I'm 'sleep
That gon' keep my baby from
Makin' her 'fore day sneak
If you make me jealous
I 'clare you got a evil mind
If you make me jealous, girl
You know you got-a evil mind
'Cause this girl is evil, Lord
Most any all the time
Let me down easy
I won't to have to
Worry no mo'
(slide guitar)
Rock me, rock me
Rock me like you never did befo'
Well now, rock me
Made me stumble
Rock me-me-in the evenin'
Rock me lower
Rock slowly
All I want, baby
Is get through
Honey, I'm doggone slow
Now, doesn't anybody ask you
Who's that fool this side?
('That was it!')

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