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Miss Black America - Helium lyrics

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Helium by Miss Black America

When love's young dream has let you down
All you want is escape
But you're all
Talk, talk - let your tongue masturbate
Talk, talk - who controls their own fate?
Talk, talk - 'til the words run down your face and into mine
"Things just went wrong too many times"
Lies are not freedom
We're lighter than air
We talk without sound
We think without thought
Our feet don't touch the ground
And we don't wish on stars
We shoot them down, yes
When we inhale
When we inhale
We are hilarious
Tonight's the night for us to prove absolutely nothing
Time and again and again
'Cause we're all
Talk, talk - words alone cannot win
Talk, talk - and the lies might sink in
Talk, talk - it could almost mean something
But it's just words
In the half-light between binge and purge
We are senseless forever
We're lighter than air...
You call this "home", but it stinks
It stinks
Well, maybe home is where the heart is
But if I cared about my heart then I'd quit smoking
If I cared about my heart then I'd quit puking
Let's burn this town to the ground
We're lighter than air...
We're on the run from something we cannot leave behind
And we run 'cause we're too scared and too cheap to fly
We don't face our problems, we just complicate them
When we inhale
When we inhale
It's desperation

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