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Misdemeanor - Things in My Room lyrics

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Things in My Room by Misdemeanor

My crusty bed that's all messed up
And my ronchy ass guitar
An old wrestling trophy I bought at a yard sale
And a Bart Simpson doll
My rusty old television that only gets three channels
And my broken Nintendo, thats next to my Right Guard
A Calvin and Hobbes treasury and a flyer for
A concert I never went to
My old skate board and a picture of my
Girlfriend that isn't really my girlfriend anymore
A MAD magazine and a Rage Against the Machine poster
Some socks that hang over my toy box and
A picture I drew of this guy that smells
That is now my girlfriend's boyfriend
That old pencil sharpener that vibrates
And a moldy cup of milk my friend left in here
While we were watching Jerry Springer
A clock that runs two hours late
And a half empty can of spray paint
An old seven Inch of Ronald Lovemaker
And a framed picture of a guy in a yellow suit
There's also some boogers, but I'm
not telling where those are.

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