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Mindrot - Clemency lyrics

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Clemency by Mindrot

What went wrong? We used to, we used to get along
I'm now a part of this looked, this looked upon
Through my eyes now, you left me in the shallow dark
The pain I feel, is so unreal
Hopelessness, I begin, to kneel
The loss I feel, is so unreal
Clemency, torn deep, inside of me
Pouring, pouring onto my feelings
To pour out, to pour out I'm bleeding
Give light, created only shadows
Communications so shallow, Lost love
And passed by longing tired of trying so
So tired of crying alone
We had to suffer along the edge of this end
Uncharted passage, through the sea and the mist
Remember those who remember, forget them
Who have lost forever
Forever had, its pleasure, forgotten pleasures,
Have yet to remember
Images of love, looking for a spark of life
I'm wandering through, through the black of night
This loveless life, I still don't know why
Still hoping, and grasping for the sake of my mind
What has been, what has been left behind
Has the wind to kick up and to pass
What was said and denied

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