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Mind Eclipse - Reckoning infinity lyrics

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Reckoning infinity by Mind Eclipse

With never ending torrent
Away your life escapes
Receding time
Departing landscapes
To evade the endless flux
Of worthless human scum
You hide behind the walls
Of a mirage asylum
Beyond your comprehension
The fact that you are free
Cause god has long been buried
In human memory
You will not find the answers
In the ancient book of lies
Forsaken, overgrown by weed
Your path to paradise
Doubt and fear are always there
To keep you company
As you march toward the end
Squandering your sanity
And when you spot the Charon's Boat
Sailing through the haze
It is you it's come to take
To the final resting place
In the oceans of infinity
That paralyze your minds
The truth can be discovered
By those with open eyes
Don't expect to find salvation
Following the blind
You know the end is coming
But only for your wasted life!
A moment before Armageddon!

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