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Mind Eclipse - Martyr of the sky lyrics

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Martyr of the sky by Mind Eclipse

Searching for the meaning of existence
The very gist of happiness I've found
Flowing from the end of syringe needle
Filling bitter emptiness inside
He speaks to me through spasms in my veins
The one who has the answers to all questions
He watches me wherever I go
With a gaze that pierces darkness
All troubles melt in ghastly flow
While I succumb to blindness
Centuries of misery
For a single day of peace
The price to pay for useless pride
Torment for my sins
The venom pulsing through my veins
Like the black currents of Styx
Across which my soul is floating toward the haunted shores
I will not return to slavor
Worshiping the worthless
Lead a manequin's existence in an empty shell
But once the poison loses all its magic power
Shatering the illusions of my crystal tower
Golden shine of Jacob's stairway swiftly disappear
Angels turn to demons
Ejecting me from heaven into hell
Once again my heart will heal, time will dry my tears
I'll attempt to fly again running from my fears
Only to end up once more deeper than before
Crossing into nether regions passed the point of no return
Wandering about in ether, searching for the promise land
Always under the watchfull eye of my master
Who once gave me all the power but took away all love
And soon He's gonna rid my eyes of their luster
Elevated by His power I feel mightier than all
Yet forever in the groove of the one who has my soul
Captive to the voice of Erebus
Destined to remain imprisoned to His morbid influence
Handled and manipulated like a puppet by His will
While my suffering and burning fuels his existence
Till my empty shell is spent in this torture mill
Can not find relief in madness
Now I plead to you my final whish
As I look into your eyes emmitting darkness
Please incinerate my carcass back to ash
I don't want to be a martyr of the scarlet sky
Let me out of this confinement, let me die!!

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