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Mind Eclipse - For Those Who Born Under The Chaos Devise lyrics

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For Those Who Born Under The Chaos Devise by Mind Eclipse

We are those who followed
From cradle to grave
We are those, who wanted
Never been enslaved.
Our names lost among
Strings of ancient scripts
Our soul condamnmed
To have been burialed in lethargy sleeps
We lived on the ruins
Of glorious age
We whisper to people
The worlds of forgotten prophecies
But essence has lost
And you can't understand me
...Our truth among the many lies
As blots of dirt desecrated the holy altar...
We are those who saw the Devil played
In great chess
We saw kings lost their heads
And queen became slut mistresses
We saw new Chibbella rise
And want donation of our sacrifice
We known seers that played for love
As sodomizing angels blood
We worshiped unshrined God
That failed
We follow illusion ideals
And their disappeared
We broken our veins with smile
We went away and only mirrors
Keep our image
'Neath the layer of blur glass
We had perished by time
Those who born under the Chaos devise
We fade as graven flowers
That will never grow again

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