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Millionaire - The One lyrics

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The One by Millionaire

Oooh baby do you know what that's worth
Oooh Heaven is a place on Earth
You say in Heaven love comes first
We'll make Heaven our place on Earth
Oooh Heaven is a place on Earth
Oooh Heaven
Oooh Heaven
Oooh Heaven
Oooh Heaven
I thought about it and boy I swear to you
You are the one, the one I want the night through
From the moment we met I already knew
We would be together 'til our lives were through
We can hug and kiss to make it all right
And can be together almost every single night
Yeah I know you want, I know you want me to
So I'll gladly come over and do what we do
Oooh boy you make my heart beat fast
I know that this is going to last
When were together it feels so right
You are the only one I think of at night
Oooh the only one I think of at night
Do you remember that time we had a huge fight
We didn't even talk for a whole fourth night
I lay in bed and cried all day
Only you could make the sadness go away
I had never felt that kind of pain before
Feeling like my heart was jammed in the door
But just the sound of your voice
Or the touch of your hand
Could turn my heart into a pile of sand
I lay alone in my bed
Thoughts of you running through my head
I hear a noise on my window pane
I look and see you standing in the rain
I run downstairs and open the door
I feel my heart falling to the floor
I step outside and walk to you
I know just what I have to do
If you take my hand and hold me tight
I've never felt like, but it feels so right
Leaning in for our second first kiss
Never again will we fight like this
(Chorus x2)

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