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Mike Pinder - Carry on lyrics

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Carry on by Mike Pinder

Your smile has been so good to me;
you made my blues disappear...
You helped pull me through
the darkest hours with truth and love.
So live your life in bliss,
and take this tender kiss for your flower;
My inspiration now
is what you gave to me every hour.
Carry-on, the Past has gone and paid for
Solo-on, through the door you're made for
Love flows on, through the Gates of Heaven
We are one, by the Light of Seven.
The Saints and the Saviour have all talked about
The cause of our downfall and how to get out
The Yogis and Mystics on Spiritual Planes,
The Gurus and Devas they all say the same.
Spiritual Flame...keep it Burning.
In faith we'll journey on,
Love's promise gets it on, oh yea
And everyone will be sparks of the family of Love.
Somewhere beyond the Sun, the Lord he turned me on and on.
He said, "Be not afraid, the summer's gonna come one of these days..."
Carry-on! The Past has gone and paid for
Solo-on! Through the Door you're made for
Love Flows on, Through the Gates of Heaven
We are One, by the Light of Seven.
A new thing is happening on this planet now,
We're hearing The Buddha, The Christ and The Tao
The Mystery of Music is mystery no more
It powers the starships...the colours of awe...
It powers us all and that's all...

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