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Mike Parrish & Six Gun lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Texas In The Man (2007)

A Smile, A Slap In The Face, A Fart, A Kiss On The Mouth (Instrumental)
Aero Vivanda (Instrumental)
Ain't We Got It Good
Angel Fly
Blue Jean Baby
Bombe A Mano (Instrumental)
Buffett Time
Butterfly In A Glass Maze (Instrumental)
Carne Cruda Squarciata Dal Suono Di Sassofono (Instrumental)
Catheter (Instrumental)
Ceremony Of Senses, An Alibi In The Red Light District (Instrumental)
Color Me Gone
Contorno Tattil (Per Russolo) (Instrumental)
Elettricita Atmosferiche Candite (Instrumental)
Fix It So The Bruises Don't Show (Instrumental)
Garofani Allo Spiedo (Instrumental)
Goin' Back To Texas
Guerra In Letto (Instrumental)
Guinea Pig 1 (Instrumental)
Guinea Pig 2 (Instrumental)
Guinea Pig 3 (Instrumental)
Guinea Pig 4 (Instrumental)
Hurry Up And Kill Me... I'm Cold (Instrumental)
I Can't Tell You Goodbye
I Killed Him Like A Dog... And He Still Laughed (Instrumental)
I Rumori Dal Aperitivo (Instrumental)
I'll Still Be Your Man
Inconsolable Widows In Search Of Distraction (Instrumental)
Latte Alla Luce Verde (Instrumental)
Leper With The Face Of A Baby Girl (Instrumental)
Lizard With The Skin Of The Moon (Instrumental)
Man Alone In Steambath (Instrumental)
Man In The Lower Left Hand Corner Of The Photograph (Instrumental)
Never Say Die
One Armed Vs. 9 Killers (Instrumental)
Orgy In Reverb (10 Kilometers Of Lust) (Instrumental)
Pajama Party Horror (Instrumental)
Pillow Bitter (Instrumental)
Pneumonia With Complications (Instrumental)
Porno Holocaust (Instrumental)
Private Lessons On Planet Eros (Instrumental)
Raped On A Bed Of Sand (Instrumental)
Red Mouth, Black Orgasm (Instrumental)
Robit Sex (B/w) (Instrumental)
Robit Sex (Neon) (Instrumental)
Robot Sex (Water Colors) (Instrumental)
Runnin' Outa Time
Scoppioningola (Instrumental)
Screams Of The Asteroid (Instrumental)
Smog (Instrumental)
Sunny Day
Texas Blue Sky
Texas When I Die (Part II)
Violence (Instrumental)
Vivanda In Scodella (Instrumental)
What Is Love?
Woman With The Skin Of The Moon (Instrumental)
Wuxiapian (Instrumental)
Wuxiapian Fantastique (Instrumental)

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