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Mike Oldfield lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Light + Shade (2005)

Blackbird (Instrumental)
Closer (Instrumental)
First Steps (Instrumental)
Our Father
Quicksilver (Instrumental)
Ringscape (Instrumental)
Rocky (Instrumental)
Romance (Instrumental)
Slipstream (Instrumental)
Tears Of An Angel
The Gate (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Tubular Bells 2003 (2003)

A Minor Tune (Instrumental)
Ambient Guitars (Instrumental)
Bagpipe Guitars (Instrumental)
Basses (Instrumental)
Blues (Instrumental)
Caveman (Instrumental)
Fast Guitars (Instrumental)
Finale (Instrumental)
Ghost Bells (Instrumental)
Harmonics (Instrumental)
Hornpipe (Instrumental)
Introduction (Instrumental)
Jazz (Instrumental)
Latin (Instrumental)
Peace (Instrumental)
Russian (Instrumental)
Thrash (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Tr3s Lunas (2002)

Daydream (Instrumental)
Fire Fly (Instrumental)
Landfall (Instrumental)
Misty (Instrumental)
No Man's Land (Instrumental)
No Man's Land (Reprise) (Instrumental)
Return To The Origin (Instrumental)
Sirius (Instrumental)
Thou Art In Heaven (Instrumental)
To Be Free
Tr3s Lunas (Instrumental)
Turtle Island (Instrumental)
Viper (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Guitars (1999)

Blues (Instrumental)
Cochise (Instrumental)
Embers (Instrumental)
Enigmatism (Instrumental)
Four Winds (Instrumental)
From The Ashes (Instrumental)
Muse (Instrumental)
Out Of Mind (Instrumental)
Out Of Sight (Instrumental)
Summit Day (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Tubular Bells III (1998)

Far Above The Clouds
Jewel In The Crown
Man In The Rain
Moonwatch (Instrumental)
Outcast (Instrumental)
Serpent Dream (Instrumental)
The Inner Child (Instrumental)
The Source Of Secrets
The Top Of The Morning (Instrumental)
The Watchful Eye (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Voyager (1996)

Celtic Rain (Instrumental)
Dark Island
Flowers Of The Forest (Instrumental)
Mont St Michel (Instrumental)
She Moves Through The Fair (Instrumental)
The Hero (Instrumental)
The Song Of The Sun (Instrumental)
The Voyager (Instrumental)
Wild Goose Flaps Its Wings (Instrumental)
Women Of Ireland (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Songs Of Distant Earth (1994)

A New Beginning (Instrumental)
Ascension (Instrumental)
Crystal Clear (Instrumental)
First Landing (Instrumental)
Hibernaculum (Instrumental)
In The Beginning
Lament For Atlantis (Instrumental)
Let There Be Light (Instrumental)
Magellan (Instrumental)
Oceania (Instrumental)
Only Time Will Tell (Instrumental)
Prayer For The Earth (Instrumental)
Supernova (Instrumental)
The Chamber (Instrumental)
The Shining Ones (Instrumental)
The Sunken Forest (Instrumental)
Tubular World (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Elements (1993)

Lyrics for album: Tubular Bells Ii (1992)

Altered state
Blue Saloon (Instrumental)
Clear Light (Instrumental)
Dark Star (Instrumental)
Maya Gold (Instrumental)
Moonshine (Instrumental)
Red Dawn (Instrumental)
Sentinel (Instrumental)
Sunjammer (Instrumental)
Sunset Door (Instrumental)
Tattoo (Instrumental)
The Bell
The Great Plain (Instrumental)
Weightless (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Heaven's Open (1991)

Lyrics for album: Earth Moving (1989)

Lyrics for album: Islands (1987)

Lyrics for album: Discovery (1984)

Lyrics for album: Crises (1983)

Lyrics for album: Crisis (1983)

Lyrics for album: Five Miles Out (1982)

Lyrics for album: QE2 (1980)

Arrival (Instrumental)
Conflict (Instrumental)
Mirage (Instrumental)
Molly (Instrumental)
Q.E.2 / Q.E.2 Finale (Instrumental)
Wonderful Land (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Exposed (1979)

Guilty (Instrumental)
Incantations Part 1
Incantations Part 2
Incantations Part 3 (Instrumental)
Incantations Part 4
Tubular Bells Part 1 (Instrumental)
Tubular Bells Part 2

Lyrics for album: Platinum (1979)

I Got Rhythm
Into Wonderland
Platinum Part Four: North Star / Platinum Finale (Instrumental)
Platinum Part One: Airborne (Instrumental)
Platinum Part Three: Charleston (Instrumental)
Platinum Part Two: Platinum (Instrumental)
Punkadiddle (Instrumental)
Woodhenge (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Incantations (1978)

Lyrics for album: Boxed (1976)

An Extract From Star's End (Instrumental)
Argiers (Instrumental)
First Excursion (Instrumental)
Hergest Ridge: Part One (Instrumental)
Hergest Ridge: Part Two (Instrumental)
In Dulci Jubilo (Instrumental)
Ommadawn: Part One
Ommadawn: Part Two (Instrumental)
Portsmouth (Instrumental)
Speak (Tho' You Only Say Farewell)
The Phaeacian Games (Instrumental)
The Rio Grande
Tubular Bells: Part One (Instrumental)
Tubular Bells: Part Two (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Ommadawn (1975)

Ommadawn Part One
Ommadawn Part Two (Instrumental)
On Horseback

Lyrics for album: Hergest Ridge (1974)

Hergest Ridge Part One (Instrumental)
Hergest Ridge Part Two (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Tubular Bells (1973)

Tubular Bells Part One (Instrumental)
Tubular Bells Part Two (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Other Songs

Lyrics for album: The Millennium Bell

Amber Light
Broad Sunlit Uplands (Instrumental)
Lake Constance (Instrumental)
The Millennium Bell

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