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Micky And The Motorcars - Ain't In It For The Money lyrics

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Ain't In It For The Money by Micky And The Motorcars

She was hangin at the hard n fast saloon he was due to go on break real soon
she set the trap and she laid out all the bait
He had a room at the hungry heart motel he was a guitar picker so what the hell
She knew he could hardly wait
She gave him a look as he stepped off the stage
Walked up to the bar took ahold of his hand
She was sippin on a drink that some poor cowboy'd bought
She told him he was better than Willie or Haggard
She was only one payment behind on her jag
Then she rolled her eyes and asked him what he thought
And he said
Money talks and bull shit walks and everything I own you could put in a box
All my money ever said to me was so long
All my bull shit ever did was get me walked on
And left me for singin the same ol song
Lovin her right
And doin her wrong...Baby
Everybody wants to be somebody
Everybody wants to have somebody...But please
Listen to me honey
Hey Im livin proof that love will kill ya
And I aint the one thats gonna fulfill your needs
I aint in it for the money
Im not in it for the money
Repeat Chorus

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