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MexicoFALLZ - The Vagtastic Voyage lyrics

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The Vagtastic Voyage by MexicoFALLZ

We got loose Lips, saying what we wanna say
We got Goals, Believing what we wanna believe
Knowing that it's all gonna work out
Everyday it's all I can think about
Lately I don't know
Where to start and where to go
I guess I'll take it from here
I know I'm not the only one (two three four)
Were not gonna live our lives for
Anybody else but ourselves
So now we'll live fast
Not wasting time with nothing to live for
We're not getting younger, not feeling older
So though our time time time might fly away
We just live for tomorrow yesterday
What you waiting for?
We'll do this all again
Live every day till the end.
So we'll live with a smile on our face
So we'll dance with a spring in our step
So we'll have a happy beat down in our hearts
And everyday we'll sing.
Dance till you drop dead

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