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MexicoFALLZ - Neons And Cock Tales lyrics

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Neons And Cock Tales by MexicoFALLZ

You say that life's not going your way,
Well relax cause tomorrows another day for you to feel alright.
They say the good times come with bad
So just think of the good that you have had
Cause there much more to come.
Close your eyes and you might see the future,
All the things that they tried to tell ya.
And you know that everything will work out.
If you want, you can make the best of anything,
Spend your life, living out your wildest dreams.
Just Stop, and take a look around,
Take a look around.
You know that life flies by so fast
Well if you don't look around then it might pass
And just leave you behind.
Best friends always by your side,
Get yourself ready for a hell of a ride,
Cause Life's to short to waste

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