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Mercury Rising - Halfway To Forever lyrics

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Halfway To Forever by Mercury Rising

Before the ancient cultures the first birth of a sun
Through decades generations and eons yet to come
In a time when there was nothing there still existed time
And when the human race is done it will leave us all behind
The days we judge by hours the years we judge by days
But looking at eternity there's so many different ways
To some it means religion to some just an idea
Some men can't see past today but to me it's coming clear
Alpha and omega except for eternity
What you thought unreal has finally come to be
Never say never because you might have to see
Halfway to forever is where we will always be
When you think in terms of what's to come and what has gone before
Are you bound by your own lifetime or is there something more
The only guarantee in life is a lifetime guarantee
All the world's a stage an when the show's done we'll still be....
Just a tiny atom in a never ending sea
The most a single life could ever be
And when this world is gone for the worse or for the better
We'll still be only halfway to forever
[Solo: Dolliver]
[Solo: Goldsmith]
With a dream of immortality each man completes his tasks
To conquer what is infinite he knows not what he asks
To step across the border that defines the age of man
Yet that is just a tiny grid in an endless master plan

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