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Mercedes - What U Need (feat. Silk The Shocker & A-Lexxus) lyrics

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What U Need (feat. Silk The Shocker & A-Lexxus) by Mercedes

Silkk & (Mercedes) talkin:
so you da one talking all the mess, right?
that you gonna do me
(who me?)
yeah, you gonna fulfill my fantasies, right?
(uh huh)
Well I'm here, I'm gonna do my part, you gonna do yours?
(oh yeah)
Tell me what's on your mind
Mercedes verse 1 singing:
i, i like your style
and i can see the freak in you
we could hook up around 2
so i could whip this thang on you
don't know, just what you got yourself into
with me, i'll fufill all of your fantasies
Silkk The Shocker/(Mercedes) rapping:
shorty you got what i need right
i'ma see if you one of a kind
heard ya all the time went from
one and dropped to nine like sh*t, f**k
(it ain't gonna never stop)
im long and strong, my leg is long
hope the bed is strong cause i'm takin' ya home
makin ya moan
take the phone off da hook, cause i'm off da hook
(nigga what what)
A-Lexxus (Mercedes)-Hook:
i, i got what you need (iiiiiii) (got what you need)
get me over here (get over here) (come and see me)
so you can see
just how i am between the sheets
if you got da time, i'll fufill your fantasies
Silkk The Shocker rapping:
what you wanna do i'll do cause i'm bout it bout it
that means that i'm wit it wit it
but you gonna find out right after i hit it, hit it
you get crunk and sh*t after i get it, get it
go and tell your friends
you know me and silkk did it, did it
nigga what what
it don't take much to f**k, f**k
nigga hook a nigga up, sh*t,
got a knee, pull a nigga up
f**kin wit a thug, thug
back rubs, hot tubs
nigga what what
its going down when i
find da place to touch, touch
have you ever f**ked with a solider
sh*t fill my fantacies when i come over
we can do it on the hood of the range rover
if it's not anough, more more, to much, yes yes
if it's not good no no,
if its good scream yes yes
Mercedes/(silkk the shocker):
(got what i need lady)
anything you need baby
(got what you need baby)
make me cream to feind drop to my kneez baby
(what you wanna do baby?)
it's all on you baby
(fantasies fufilled)
on the real
(it could happen to you baby)
hook till fade

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