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Memory Garden - Amen lyrics

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Amen by Memory Garden

[Words: A. Looström Music: T. Björn, S. Johansson, A. Looström]
Percieve an awakening so acquainted
Floating and drifting so absorbing
Not affected by anything nor anyone
Malicious shadows have been chased away
From almond coloured remedy so pure
Engrave prejudice of calm and silence
Premonition for deep mental illness
Vague feelings for the destination
Thaw with sulphur smelling sensation
Significant silence brings rapture
Plateau of glass in shimmering mauve
Wreathed with a stale relic of dust
Plunged in aversion from apathy
Scented of somnolent abstracts
Admission to something so ominous
A twinge from covet submerge
Stigmatize to poisonous unity
An eternity so eternal
Stretch beyond euthanasia
The palace of conjectures
Contains archaic abhorrence
That will truly converge
From the light of the moon and in the deepest of shadows
Strange things take place to shape our faith
The predetermind downfall approaches like an arch-enemy
Read the spiritual alms for the ordinary
For the pitty ones who are drowning
Read them their amen

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