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Mellencamp John Cougar - Whenever We Wanted lyrics

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Whenever We Wanted by Mellencamp John Cougar

We weren't afraid of nothing
Wasn't nothing we couldn't do
She held her breath once for seven minutes
And never turned blue
She could burn a woman down
If she felt she'd been unkind
or if she thought she was coming on to me
It drove her out of her mind
Oh yeah, it's true
We just did what we did
Whenever we wanted to
Yeah, it's true
We just did what we wanted
Whenever we wanted to
She was my very best friend
My biggest enemy
On judgment day we would go either way
It was all the same you see
She was not afraid of Satan
In fact she thought he was a joke
Said she'd tear off his tail
And run her fist down his throat
She was the apple of temptation
The apple of my eye
Used to rest on a bed of burning coals
Every single night
And I know she's out there somewhere
She's wrestling in the bones
With confetti in her hair
You can bet she's not alone

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