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Meliah Rage - Kill To Survive lyrics

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Kill To Survive by Meliah Rage

I live for killing, because killing is my life
I kill for money, I don't care who lives or dies
One hundred thousand for this retched fucker's life
One knife or bullet in his brain he'll fall tonight
I kill to survive
You're gonna die tonight
You see the death that this night has brought to you
You see the blood flow see the blade rip through
His corpse so cold and his eyes open wide
I got my cash
I don't care who lived or died
Hunt him down, read his past
Find the way, to take his life
Deal was made, he was next
No escape, for him tonight...
I'm paid to shoot, to rip, to slice, any man's heart
I'm paid to finish any job I fuckin' start
And in the end, if down to hell I go
I'll make damn sure that I take down you too
Hunt you down, read your past
Find the way, to take his life
Deal's been made, you are last
No escape for you, tonight...

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