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Meek Mill - Traumatized lyrics

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Traumatized by Meek Mill

[Verse: Meek Mill]
It really hurt me when they killed shawty,
I was locked up in ma cell,
When I had to read about it and,
When they killed diddy, left from out of Philly,
We was young and getting money man we used to run the city,
We was rockin all them shows and fucking all them hoes and when they killed
Barrel, Renee had to see him froze, on that ground downtown,
I could hear the sounds now, when she walked up to that casket seen her son and fell Down
I drop tears for my niggas that ain’t here,
And still think about you even though that it's been years,
Cause half the niggas that I grew up with is all dead,
All this pain and the all the stress and I should have a ball here,
Cause when my aunt Ronda died she looked tac in his eyes,
Saw death coming when she seen it she just cried,
Probably part of the reason we drink and we get high,
When I find that nigga that killed my daddy, know imma ride,
Hope you hear me ima kill you nigga, to let you know that I don't feel you Nigga! Yeah, You ripped my family apart and made my momma cry,
So when I see you nigga it’s gon’ be a homicide, cause I was only a
Toddler, cause I was traumatized,
You made me a man of the house and it was grindin’ time... ,
So I'má let this flame hit you, just to let this pain hit you... ,
And for all them cloudy days, I’mma let this rain hit you!

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