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Meek Mill - Tony Story Pt 2 lyrics

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Tony Story Pt 2 by Meek Mill

Pauly Killed Tony Right? & Tony killed Ty so it was only right,
Thinkin back 20 years them was homie tight,
6th grade for the love of the paper aint nothing nice,
& Pauly just be loving life he got them birds & he servin niggas left &
Never used to party in them clubs every night, poppin bottles blowin paper
Ballin hard they kno they hate it,
But they goin respect it cuz he robbed tony and tony had the hood on smash
By his lonely. & pauly gettin money so them bitches all on him and his
Young boys ridin they ready to fall for him. cuz word on the street that
Pauly did that. use kiko gold diggin ass to get back. txtin through her
Phone findin where he live at. wake up in the morning like I never said
That but she never told pauly what she saw. she was runnin her mouth fittin
To start a war. cuz tony lil brother 16 and love to war robbin anything
Movin and breaking every law. Looorddd. & pauly on the rise now niggas that
Played the middle pickin sides now plus he heard tonys brother tryin ride
Now so he putta cheque up on his head he gotta die now "I want this nigga
Pauly young spin the corners tony little borhter he slippin ya he's a
Gonner. fuckin with that lean he dippin 1 in the mornin shots fired niggas
Scatter without a warnin he strapped too reachin bitchin that get up on him
The gat jam he bang back tryna avoid em them niggas thought maybe he get
Off runnin they hittin on him he hit hte island get up atta he dippin on em
He said it's on now try to kill him it's war now swisher in his mouth while
Loadin his 4pound feelin like he did and aint no remorse now gettin high
And he thinkin bout kickin in doors now momma and lil kids get on the floor
Now fingerin on the trigger he feelin his gun down ol ladies gotta hear
That thunder storm sound cuz they said when it rain it rly gun pour down &
It's rainin like katrina he got 30 in his nina. seen paulys car drop 30 in
His beamer pauly wasn't in it when he heard it he was steamin kickin to the
Murder so you kno that nigger feigning. and he want this nigger dead for a
Sunday hit but youngin tryna live on some sunday shit & time fly fast it
Was monday quick & pauly bout to get back on his gunplay shit & some him
How it's done so he loadin up his gun show this young nigga he fuked with
The wrong one got a short temper and clutchin a long gun and it's on sight
He don't give a fuck if the law comes so he out chyea ridin dirty puttin
That on birdies without fear niggas lurkin they tryna murder heard he out
There niggas spinnin tryin hit him hittin erry corner seein niggas but he
Aint with em, youngin layin low he know pauly aint playin though there's
Money on his head and niggas are sayin go. but youngin he aint scared he's
Cool as a fan tho. all he knows is get down with that burner or end up a
Tag toe
It was 4 in the mornin pauly goin home windshields wipin in the middle of
The rain storm and pauly he aint slippin he got that thing on em you know
What he did to tony, he wont get the same silence tho. when he hit the crib
He spin the block before he park it. pauly aint bitchin nah pauly just
Cautious but lil did he know niggas in the streets talkin & now his
Rearview like he cud see the reaper walkin nigga with a hoodie all you hear
Is heaters sparkin shots hit the window get low he tryna off em youngin
Boxed him in and pauly cud see the coffin he get to reachin trigger
Squeezin tryna get em off em shots ringin youngin squeezin clip empty,
That's when pauly rose like derek? walk down on em he layin in the puddle
Look him in the face "you aint learn from your brother nigga?" blao blao
Blao *sirens*

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