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Meanwhile - Want Ads Two lyrics

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Want Ads Two by Meanwhile

On your next trip east ot west on highway 80, isn't it about time you stop by Yogerts Pharmacy, Gillaband Arizona? An oasis in the desert.
Wanted for special promotion two brother or two sisters who are overweight, not over 45 years, high pay for series of personal apperainces. Yukon 66463
Are you above average? Have you a quick mind? A flare for words? A gift of gab and a pleasing personality? You may qualify for a job in advertising.
Willing to exchange unborn babby for cottage. Box MG
Would anyone like to rent my enourmose house in the wilds of Ireland for two months from January, while I'm in the states? Absolutely no modern convieniences, but beauty and peace. Ad lib. Write; Lord Caern Cracken Cirrigard Cork
Hungarian refugees two young couples, children. Seek work to make home, anywhere.
Dance bands, first class. wanted for easter carnival and celibration. Milltown Carnival Committe
Young man, successfull, 30. Wishes to scrap everything and start in a new field. Any suggestions welcome, all replies answered. Box 909
Foam rubber salesman wanted.
Experianced in foam rubber salling to the bedding trade. Exceptional oppertunity. Write: Atumwa
Flyin saucer group. I would like to contact anyone interested in ths subject. ????? 20090 ask for Ozzie
Have you seen me? My name is Dink, I am a red male brindle Boston Bull, my face is white and I have one blue and one brown eye also my right foot is white. I was lost in Huntington Park area. My family wants me home and I would like to be home too. Please contact Mrs. Saul Gruber, because she love me so much she will give anyone $25
Learn while asleep. New do-it-yourself tapes with recorder. Solve all personal problems, learn new fields of education, correct speack, memory and bad habits. Gain bulldog courage, personality and success. Made for all children. Write; Sleep Teaching 2500 Empire State Building
Sore Feet? Why not end your misery? 30 years of experiance returing out of shape feet to proper shape 333 6th Avenue
Girl, acrobaticaly inclined needed for act, no rehersing.

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