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MDC - Walking On Thin Ice lyrics

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Walking On Thin Ice by MDC

The times they are changing but it's really the same old thing
Now all the species are fading fast and it's the blue bird's last chance to sing
And that we don't have to surrender, let those scumbags and let them have their way
And it's really worse than that but we have already had a terrible day
Did you hear about the polar bears are in trouble they're out walking on thin ice?
No more blue whales I guess that's really not too nice
And remember that cute girl she came to town and became a junkie so quick?
She hangs out at a clinic and she's always looking sick
She had big dreams once but they all sort of melted away
Now she's just hanging around trying to make it day to day
Hey and the rainforests are all gone, I guess that's kinda' sad
Weather keeps changing, that's not good, it's rather bad
Black horned rhinos seem like old long lost friends
Silver back gorillas are right near their end
Illnesses that could have been cured by plants are now all long gone
Still the darkest hour is the one before the dawn
And we're all working hard, right above minimum wage
Waiting for fifteen minutes and a friendly stage
Mr. President looks serious, I guess we need some more wars
The FOX news lady says we got old issues to score
Momma's watching TV and praying there's no knock on the door
A patriot for his country, warnings that he chose to ignore
Smug politicians and movie stars all pose so tragically hip
Rearranging furniture on this sinking ship

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