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MC ZULU - Uptown Party Life lyrics

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Uptown Party Life by MC ZULU

It's like me tell you before... Dreadie go a foreign and MAYBE do this and that.
But we don't catch up inna dem long term hustle. Alright then? Spread The Word.
From I and I stand falsely accused you done know seh me a go beat the case.
Raise up your glasses, because we a go head uptown, and the Party continues
Rudie can't fail
Ask him about the code name: KILO The Don, he don't respond
Blend in with the snowflakes, Keep holding on, She's on his arm
Met their friend on Broadway, She brought the bottle, You know the song
Call that "Three The Hard Way", unless you don't know what's going on
I'll wait 'til next when this drama unfolds and things will get calmer
Watch as the days become longer, line up the chips and place all your bets dem
Dressed up and looking so fancy, High times so good and so plenty
So far we're coming up empty, but anything is possible
Uptown with the socialites
Uptown in the party life
I'm not used to this side of the tracks. I'm enthralled with all the lawlessness around
Gimme some of this, and definitely gimme that... Baby keep the liquor coming
I been running up a bar tab. Starting to get much larger
The knowledge of it is making me act untouchable
Buy the full bar, I recall I had no pull, Just two months ago
Live life in the fast lane, Places we go, Watch how they stare
We give Love a bad name, I said it's real, But no one cares
Hide out on the dance floor, Mix in the crowd, Music so loud
Give them what they ask for, Just let the DJ kill dem with sound
I got the worst of intentions, No time to answer those questions
Those fantasies I don't mention, Because I'm afraid I'll go too far
Ain't nothing wrong if these ladies, Strip down and start to get crazy
Depraved and sordid... Yes, Maybe... But everyone's a superstar
Uptown with the socialites
Uptown in the party life
Dem say Rudeboy do the crime, Getting out the game,
Switch up the city lights and make a change
Where the night stays colorful, Invitation for,
Neon temptation plays on every door
You can't prove gangsta business was a part of my life, I'm gonna make it in a world
Where the other half lives
I coulda did the dirt, but now legitimized... and me cop the baddest whips
And now me head out 'pon the boulevard
Starting to shine much brighter, the night is young. Winning got me acting insensitive
Could I live larger than the Beatles and Elvis did? Check it and watch me kid
Uptown with the socialites
Uptown in the party life
Till the early morning

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