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MC ZULU - Student Riot lyrics

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Student Riot by MC ZULU

This is not a drill... Attention everyone, the musical revolution broadcasts
On all frequencies. You're tuned to the vibes right now of the Bad man
Wake up the whole fam. Shake up the program. In time they will understand.
Troubled Youth... Pants is hangin' low, contempt you want fi show
For the people who messed up the world in front of you.
And their age is like a curse, and things are getting worse, so let me be
The first to tell you
Forget the generation distance, That's the difference of our existence
I come to get your assistance, Put up resistance to fight this system (say
Man, ain't nobody listenin' to this bullshit you're talking, you call
Wisdom (you know)
Times are different, it's about the cash you gonna give dem (come now)
I got my mind on my money so you know
You got your revolution there but nothing else to show
Mi money gets so long I left my troubles far behind
If it's not about the dollars it's a waste of time
(Run It)
... and from the back of the room I heard the voices on the speaker call:
... now I'm trapped in this place with all these juvenile criminals
OK. Call me opportunist, but we can do this thing and then we'll just blame
The students
Saying THEY ruined this thing, I knew this thing would happen.
I've got my duty to report it all, Don't just stand there get the camera!
Let's get LIVE, Let's get CLOSER. Not so close that they could damage us!
(Watch it! )
We're coming Live And Direct. These kids ain't got no respect.
What you have to say for yourself, young man?... Pause. Station Check...
(Alright) Hopeless scenario, like the ghettos and all the barrios.
Only difference is, WE got paid. Now take them all away (HaHa)
I got my mind on my money so you know.
You had your revolution and we put it on the show
The money gets so long you'll leave your troubles all behind
If it's not about the dollars it's a waste of time
So tell me honestly, Boy don't you think that your life is about the same
Thing whe gwaan inna streets?
And the minute you claim to be riding for the good guys, you've lost out?
All around the world, from me hit the stage, all of the people dem they
Just bawl out.
When I give the game to these sexy gals we're gonna walk out (You done know
Troubled Youth... never let you down. They'll always be around when you need
A fight
I got my mind on the money, that's the law.
No worry 'bout the youth dem, keep dem back against the wall... They'll take
The fall
Haul and pullup my selection come again one more time, you done know seh
This here youth
WICKED pon Riddim, Mr. ZULU

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