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MC ZULU - No Stars lyrics

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No Stars by MC ZULU

No Stars Inna Sky Tonight
That Means Another Sound Must Die Tonight
No Bother Run No Dubplate Next To Me
Unless You Want Your Date With Destiny
Some bwoy a run up dem mouth but, truthfully dem no tell you nothing
A nuclear power, but a no finger pon de button
A tin pan sound a just a waste up all Electric
Well Zulu Di Bad Man come fi wreck it
We do not rate dem, we just eliminate dem, we shoot from the waist with bassline
The microphone a give dem distance, we're millionaires, the difference,
Dem sound deh dem nickel and dime
No matter where dem call dem region, No matter dem religion
We give dem all respect on site
But if a one a Satan heathen, we leave dem barely breathing,
Or maybe just kill dem outright
Me a go tell you the situation, No system no sound could ever try disrespect the fire connection
We start with the murderation from beginning, Dem take it too far, who run up dem mouth
It qualify dem as a fallen star
And it no matter what uno call dem, dem time deh fi dread, you hear the words and all a the things
A whe the ZULU said
You wonder the sort of broken wisdom a run through dem head? Well give me the microphone and
Watch whole heap a sound fi dead
'Cause under right condition, we deal with competition, Ya hear me, just shoot dem on site
And ZULU tell you the badman mission, to take away division and mek all mi youth dem live right
As far as all the gal dem passion, mi give the satisfaction, the gal dem a scream out like whoa
But here a murderation action, The Lion and The Dragon a deal with dem business right now
Bad Man ZULU tell you where it's at, No sound could ever test me give dem heart attack
Big tune Fya Connection have the Zulu back, now check the situation: dead the Murderation
Who kill the legends and the superstars, then start worship at the altar of misery... ?
Disrespect whenever great men and women walk The Earth, and then they fall in love with the memory
It's like I told them before, You got to seek your rights this time
It's like I told them before, I'm gonna keep it light NEXT time
Right now call the priest and doctor, Call the paramedic, Tell dem seh a soundbwoy emergency
Enemies dem get slaughtered... still me resurrect dem, live to fight another day, good energy.

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