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MC ZULU - No Lies lyrics

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No Lies by MC ZULU

What you see is what you get, and right now me a chat to
The gal without any regret
I aint telling NO lies
I Got the worst of intentions
And I can't control myself when you wind it slow
I'll give it to you ALL night
The pleasure too much to mention
If you want to spend some time let the bad man know
Practice my opening lines I get, reject and Criticize again
So, Forget about de pickup words and advice
Can't work from you bad like me
Know what I Want in life I don't, give dem no Warning signs
I just go, right to the matters at hand; gal what you doing tonight?
Come with the bad man
This is your invitation
I woulda give it out under one condition
Let go the pride and the false pretenses
Nobody benefit from the competition
Tell a gal everything she wants to hear?
She wants you to whisper sweet nothings in her ear?
No sir. Just remember why dem call me the real bad man
New direction
Let The Bad Man Know
- If I like what you're talking baby girl I'm a call away
- All a you friend dem well envious no matter what dem say
- Dem a bawl fi di wicked agony and dem no wan delay
- Stamina coulda never get defeat thru the night and day
Mistresss, Coulda be the gal in distress
Who misses how de man caresss (what a mess)
Caught up inna World of business, he couldnt care less about de woman
Mek she look a love interest
Looks like this coulda be the perfect time to make her know the things
I-Man do
Make she holla out 'pon reflex she wind to de Riddim me provide all de night
Me deh wit de proper bag a tricks from de woman dem decide seh dem wan go
Seek happiness
Man have to Know how de woman get together wit dem friends whe dem chat bout
When dem get vex
I got de remedy designed fi mix up uno mind and me no have to tell you
What's next... The gal a express passion to excess

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