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MC ZULU - Necessary Evils lyrics

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Necessary Evils by MC ZULU

When you look and see the informer's property getting blown up
That was necessary
When arresting officers are on the payroll for not showing up [to court]
That was necessary
Started light inna de game with the hustle and now we're growing up
That was necessary
If you're down with 20/20 Perception, let's see you throw it up
I think it's necessary
Bad Man no bother mixup with people entangled up in the crack game Business
A Dirty Business
I've seen the innocent children of certain dealers suffer more than the Father
Sins Of The Father
Reach around the generations and wreak their havoc on the People Around Me
People Around Me
KNOW seh that the hustles I come up with put some money in them pockets
On the regular
That's why me tell you...
Now me seh informer chat, him must be idiot, run down a Babylon station and him don't stop
Tell Officer John Brown seh me have the Nine Glock, Mek I and I a run duck fi cover fi gunshot
LORD, but a no thing to me, the moon is full you see
Before the night is over, manifest this prophecy
Me have a bag of tricks, Some call it fantastic
You cannot test me cause you're walking with the 666

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