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MC Magic - What Your Name Is? lyrics

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What Your Name Is? by MC Magic

girl,i've watchin u for a very long time.
and there's no doubt in my mind that your not the one for me.
( can't u see)
and i don't wanna seem pushy,but listen girl your body sayin somethin
to me girl.i may be only 15,but that don't really mean. that i can't be here
talkin to u.
will u let me know if u want me to treat u to a picture show.
(don't u say no... tonight)
and i wanna know if u'll let me kiss u 1 time before i take u home
1x(the suspense is killin me girl) 2x(before i take u home)
what your name is?
can i be the only one that u be claimin?
what your name is?
when u be out w/ your girls that u be bangin.
what your name is?
can i be the only one that u be kickin it w/?
what your name is ,girl
cuz i know when i be spittin u be w/ it.
girl,what your name is ,yeah
girl,all your friends may say that im to young for u.
(yes,they do)
but baby age ain't a thang cuz i know what to do
(yes,i do)
i'll be your friend and when your all alone
talk to u all night till we fall asleep on the phone
so baby quit playin games
u know im feelin u
u know u got it that way girl.
oh,girl tell all your friends to go away,so far,far away
cuz i wanna spend my time w/ u
i wanna chill w/ u
roll w/ u
be w/ u
forever and ever and ever and ever,and ever
can i be
i gotta know girl
said i gotta know,said i gotta know
i wanna be w/ u and my world with you girl don't be afraid
ignore my age cuz im just the man for u.
won't u tell me,let me know it before i go (repeat 8 more times)
what your name is?

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