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MC Magic - C'Mon lyrics

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C'Mon by MC Magic

Verse 1:
Where did you come from
I wanna thank your mom
For bringin' you into this life and making you my type
Don't (don't) hold (hold) this (this) against me
But I can't help but stare
Why you over there
I want you right here
C'mon baby baby c'mon
C'mon baby baby c'mon
Can't you look at me and tell that you got somethin' that I want
(So) C'mon baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby c'mon
You got the best lookin' jeans that I ever seen
So baby won't you shake it for me
Verse 2:
Ohhhhhhhhh don't play hard to get
You ain't gotta thing to loose
I know you felt it to
Staring from across the room
I (I) just (just) wanna get closer (closer) to ya (to ya)
We can talk later or right now
I wanna see ya move
Chorus X2
Bridge 1:
I love the way your
Keepin' your distance
You got me feelin' so persistant
I gotta get next to you
Will you shake shake it shake it shake it shake it on me
I can't wait no longer
comin' over
I'm feelin' you girl...
Bridge 2:
Girl you got me feelin' like I wanna get with you girl
Don't try to front and act like you don't feel it
To to to to to to to to to girl
Now let's make moves girl
Right now I wanna see you move
Chorus X2
(Music fades out)

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